What You’ll Pay to Hire a Limo

 What You’ll Pay to Hire a Limo

  a little while, there’s no substitute for hiring a limo. Here’s what you can expect to pay for a limo in Atlanta as well as some tips on how to make sure you get the Airport Service  most for your money.

In a town the size of Atlanta, there are dozens of limo operators. If you are considering hiring a limo, this leaves you with a huge selection of different types of limos and a wide range in the quality and rates of the limo operators. You may find that you can ride in a limo for less than you thought.

Limo rates

The factors that most affect the price you’ll pay is the size of the limo and the vehicle type. The rates below include the hourly rate plus the tax, tip and other charges because limo operators often require each.

– Stretch 6 passenger limo: $80 to $105/hour

– Stretch 8 passenger limo: $100 to $110/hour

– Stretch 10 passenger limo: $105 to $135/hour

– Stretch 14 passenger limo: $150 to $160/hour

– 6 passenger SUV: $90 to $130/hour

– 14 passenger Stretch SUV: $170 to $230/hour

Keep in mind that limos typically have an hourly minimum of four to five hours. This is often negotiable.

Consider the cost per passenger

If you have a large party and are willing to split up the cost, limos aren’t as expensive as you think. Generally, they come out to about $10 to $15 per hour per passenger. In most cases, limos will cost more than it would cost to divide the group up and take cabs. But, of course, there are other benefits. You won’t have to wait for a limo. You get to ride together. You can usually drink in a limo – try that in a cab. Plus, you’re riding in style.


Atlanta is a convention town with a full roster of professional sports teams. Large events can affect the availability of limos and prices may increase. If you know you will need a limo during a time that coincides with such an event, book it early.

Check up on the limo operator

Not all limo companies are alike and we certainly advise against choosing a limo company based solely on their rates. This will likely result in your disappointment. You’ll want check that the limo operator is licensed and insured. Follow up on a few references from past customers. Also check with the Better Business Bureau about past complaints about the limo operator.

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