Top 5 Areas To Visit On Your Private Tour Of Egypt

 Top 5 Areas To Visit On Your Private Tour Of Egypt


Egypt is indeed a captivating tourist destination with plenty to offer, including temples, pyramids, sphinxes and exquisite modern buildings. A private tour to this destination Private tours Iceland  is one of the best you can choose to have because it gives you the chance to visit the major attractions that have made Egypt the famous destination it is. A guided private tour is even better because it ensures that you do not miss out on any attraction and activity that is worth trying and experiencing.

When visiting a destination, the best you can do is at least be in the know of what to expect. The attractions in the different destinations are what makes it possible for travelers to choose their travel packages. Egypt has so much to offer and below are some of the top areas you really can’t miss out on when exploring the ancient land.

  1. Sphinx of Giza

It is among the most famed statues in the world and you will love its splendor. This unique limestone carving showcases ancient Egypt at its best with a body shaped like a lion, but the head is that of a king. It is definitely one of the most spectacular sights you can have on your private tour list. Carry a camera to take lasting memories home in the form of photos.

  1. Giza Pyramid

The Pyramid at Giza is a wonder of the world and a masterpiece that can never be replicated. The pyramid has a rich history behind it and you will be amazed by the precise construction of the structure that took more than 2 million stoned to put together. It may not be possible for you to access the interiors of the pyramid, but you will enjoy getting all the details and information from your tour guide regarding this historic structure.

  1. Karnak Temple



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