The Truth Behind Stage Hypnosis

 The Truth Behind Stage Hypnosis


The truth behind stage hypnosis is more than just what many people see in movies and story plots written in novels or stage plays.

Hypnosis has  Stage hypnosis shows  indeed unlocked many secrets behind the mystery that is the human mind.

Many people believe that stage hypnotists possess mysterious mystical powers that allow them to control the human mind and have subjects do their every bidding.

The truth actually is that the ‘power’ rests with the subject being hypnotized rather than the stage hypnotist.

Point being that the hypnotist only serves as a guide or an instrument that causes the subject to ‘produce’ the hypnotic state, since the state of mind of the person being hypnotized rests solely on the person himself, which makes it possible for him to be hypnotized.

The fact that self-hypnosis can be done proves the fact that even if a person is in a hypnotic state, he can, at any time and as he wills it, can break off a hypnotic state.

Contrary to popular belief that hypnotism can control people, causing people to lose independent will and submit totally to the hypnotist.

This misconception of stage hypnosis is more of a storyline for scriptwriters or stage hypnotists, but in reality, if a subject is guided by the hypnotist to do something extraordinary, something dangerous or something that could be construed as something different from the subject’s state of mind, the subject can only either become fully alert and break off from the hypnotic state or simply ignore the hypnotist’s suggestion.

The belief that stage hypnosis is a supernatural, unusual or a str



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