The Commie Chronicles – Episode 3

 The Commie Chronicles – Episode 3


As a little refresher, when we use the word Communist that includes some of the names they use in disguise. Words like Socialist, Democratic Socialist, Leftists, Marxists, 다음드  Progressives, or whatever they come up with next. A communist is a communist. Learn from history or die from it. The choice is yours.

In our last episode, we discussed how control of the media is one of the pillars of a communist coup. Through the media, they control the narrative and brainwash the people. In this episode, we’ll look at another principle… the purge. The purge, as it always is, is not just people. It means to purge people, history, and symbols of the old government and way of life.

Back in the day, Russia was ruled by a Tsar. The people weren’t happy, much due to outside influence leading the Tsar to step down. Working behind the scenes were Russian dissident Vladimir Lenin in Switzerland and Russian Politician Leon Trotsky in America. When the Tsar stepped down, Alexander Kerensky was installed as a placeholder President until a revolution could be arranged.

The Bolshevik Revolution came under the leadership of Lenin with help from Trotsky. Shortly after the people revolt’ Kerensky was history. Lenin took over with brute force, and the purge began. After Kerensky, Trotsky was forced to leave or die. He was exiled to Mexico, where a few short years later, an assassin hired by Lenin shot him to death. Thus the communist USSR was born. Fast forward to today.



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