Stopovers in Dubai

 Stopovers in Dubai


When in transit through the Persian Gulf, have you ever had a stopover in Dubai on the way to your main destination? Where you amazed by the burgeoning Training Courses in Dubai  new metropolis, but lost without a plan to explore the city? There are many ways that you have a great time in Dubai while on a stopover, and we have provided a few of them in the following paragraphs. Here are a few suggestions and tips –

Short stopovers – The traffic in Dubai is notorious for its sluggishness, so if you’ve got only a few hours to spare, it might be better not to venture out of the airport. There are several generously appointed waiting lounges, good duty-free shopping, and restaurants featuring several cuisines in the airport. You can also book a room on an hourly basis in one of the Dubai airport hotels five-star Dubai International Hotel, located inside the airport, and sleep or snooze during the set time that you have there. The airport is Wi-Fi enabled, so you can use your laptop anywhere in the airport. The airport has even got a gym, in case you want to work out, and a beauty parlor where you can get a traditional Arabic henna tattoo.

If you want to step out of the airport, make sure you have at least five hours available, because you have to be back at least 90 minutes before your outbound flight. If you have any doubts about time, do not cross the Dubai Creek. This large waterway has only a few bridges spanning it, and in rush hours or special holidays they can become jammed for hours at a time. You need to stay on the northeastern side of the Creek, where the Deira suburb is located north of the airport, if time is any kind of a factor in your plans for air travel.

No matter how short the time you have, you can still go shopping! Dubai is famous for its love of shopping, and the airport is loaded with all kinds of stores, boutiques and practical businesses. The Dubai Festival Center is the closest mall, but there are also other options available. Wafi City is another mall just 10 minutes away from the airport, where you can buy designer clothing, and the Deira City Center boasts of European franchises. If you have enough time, you can visit the Gold and Spice Souks of Deira (“souk” is Arabic for marketplace). Here you can get souvenirs and lots of other interesting goods.

Visit the Irish Village near the airport. This oasis of Irishness has Dublin-themed restaurants with picnic tables, nice pub food and Guinness on tap. Only ten minutes from the airport, the Irish Village is an oddity that is easy to reach and full of fun activities.

Enjoy the view of a forest of skyscrapers along Sheikh Zayed Road. This trip can be done on a taxi. The road is a 12-lane highway and makes for a smooth drive. You can even pass by the foot of the tallest building in the world here, the Burj Dubai! Just opened for business in the last year, the Burj Dubai is a beautiful and slim international landmark truly awe-inspiring in its size.

The old district of the city, the Bastakiya, is also a nice place to visit when you have limited time in Dubai. Just stroll around to see the windtower houses and get to know Dubai as it was in the olden days. The cafes and galleries here are always worth a visit. The bastakiya is across the Dubai Creek from the airport, so keep an eye on the time and be sure to avoid the rush hou



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