Learning English Online: Reading Exercise on Gun Violence in the United States


Learning English Online: Reading Exercise on Gun Violence in the United States




Perusing Exercise in English for Intermediate and Upper-Intermediate Levels. Peruse the accompanying text, learn new jargon and answer the inquiries beneath:


“Each year, there are in excess of 10,000 firearm  10mm ammo related passings in the United States. Among created nations, it is by a wide margin the country with the most noteworthy normal of manslaughters because of guns. Slaughters and shootings continue to occur there consistently. Nobody has failed to remember the twenty youngsters who were killed by Adam Lanza at Sandy Hook Elementary School in 2012.


However, regardless of these misfortunes, nothing is being done to change the weapon regulations in America. Why? Mostly for two reasons: 1) the weapon business and firearm affiliations, for example, the NRA are exceptionally strong, and 2) weapons are a significant piece of the nation’s personality. For sure, in the eighteenth century, when the U.S. country was made, Americans lived in a wild land brimming with foes and risks. Weapons, for example, firearms were fundamental for assurance and endurance. Therefore the option to keep and bear guns turned out to be important for the U.S. Constitution.


That’s what the issue is, today, the possibility that Americans need weapons to safeguard themselves is absurd. This is the 21st century and the U.S. should be a humanized country which comprehends that the multiplication of firearms causes more wrongdoing and uncertainty, not less. This factual truth has been demonstrated again and again in other created nations where severe weapon regulations are set up.


Consequently, to take care of the issue of firearm brutality in America, there can be just a single arrangement: less weapons. 300 ten million guns are right now available for use in the U.S. That number should go down straightaway, however how? The two most critical measures are 1) to boycott attack weapons with high-limit magazines, and 2) to present general historical verifications to ensure that crooks and intellectually crazy individuals can’t buy firearms any longer.”




Guns: firearms.


NRA: National Rifle Association.


Rifle: kind of weapon.


Constitution: the major standards of a country.

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