Kiraka the Boy Child Chronicles

 Kiraka the Boy Child Chronicles


He enjoyed it when his friends called him ‘KBC’, his slang name for Kiraka, the Boy Child. Everyone had one. In the streets, you had to have a name.

This time round,  KBC WhatsApp number Mumbai KBC was facing his biggest moment ever, since he came to the city a decade ago.

He had been dreaming about this moment back in the day. This was long ago, when the city was just an imagination in Kiraka’s imagination.

Now the day was here, and Kiraka was here. It was real. As he strolled along the narrow winding path towards the Master’s house to collect his reward, Kiraka met his neighbour Liam. Liam was his real name, but just like Kiraka. Liam’s street name was Mali.

It had been quite a while since Liam and Kiraka had met. About seven years had passed since the terrible incident when Kiraka and Uliam became the newest friends turned bitter foes. Well, Kiraka, had forgotten the past and moved on. But the sight of Mali, despite the long time, brought back the memories in a flash.

Mali was equally surprised to see his long time friend. They awkwardly exchanged pleasantries, and KBC promptly excused himself, rushing towards the Master’s house not to be late for his appointment.

‘But where would Uliam be coming from?’, wondered Kiraka. The only destination on the side Uliam was coming from was the Master’s house! No sooner had this thought come to Kiraka’s mind than it all dawned on him. The memory was as vivid as yesterday; how it all began.

It was a Sunday afternoon, right after Kiraka had come back from Church. Kiraka would usually spend his Sunday afternoons at his mother’s place when he came from church. This Sunday was as any other, and Kiraka lay on the mat under the mango tree at the yard listening to the popular Sunday afternoon radio show.



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