How To Clean Pearls

 How To Clean Pearls


So you have just inherited Aunt Bessies Pearl necklace or you just bought an old one in a vintage shop. You get the pearls home and they lack the luster of new pearls. Yo Engel Anhänger  u tried washing with a mild soap and water solution but you are not happy with the way that looks. You next try your jewelry cleaning cloth and they still do not appear as you would like them. What ever you do, do not put them in regular jewelry cleaner as it will eat the top layer off and ruin your pearls. Many a beautiful strand of pearls have been lost this way! What are you going to do with them? Are you going to just throw them into your jewelry box and never enjoy them? That is no good! What a waste of such natural beauty.

Stop and consider a moment the miracle of nature that Pearls are. How they start as a tiny grain of sand inside an oyster and they grow into a lovely and beautiful gem. And now a days with the art of science we can alter the process to make fresh water pearls, as well as alter the color and end up with beautiful hues such as pink and lavender. My favorite pearl is the Tahitian Pearl, also known as one type of black pearls. I consider Pearls a divine gift from the angels.

When I was growing up I was told to keep my pearls and opals in good shape I needed to rub them on my nose where the nostrils meet the face and it is a bit greasy and that would keep them shining and beautiful. It takes a lot of nose oil to keep a 24″ strand of pearls fresh!

So how do you ask, does one clean a Pearl? How do you clean a pearl without ruining the hue and outer shell of the Pearl? The answer is simple. Splash your pearls in a very dilute soap and water mixture using a mild soap like Ivory. Do NOT use a oil dispersing soap such as Dawn as it is too strong for the pearls. After splashing the Pearls, dry them by placing on towel and patting dry with another towel. Pour some Olive oil in a small dish and dip a portion of your pendant in and then with a soft cloth rub into pearls and remove excess oil at same time. Repeat this process until the whole pendant is clean and beautiful with a lovely shiny hue!

So don’t let those old pearls sit and dry out and not be worn. Restore their natural beauty. A little



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