Get Ready to Protect Your PC against Cyber Threats in 2011

Get Ready to Protect Your PC against Cyber Threats in 2011


2011 is knocking at the door and everybody is gearing up to welcome the New Year. We all want the New Year to bring loads of joy and happiness to our life. But to avoid some unwanted hassle we need to remember some  certain things. Computer and information technology is a very important part of our everyday life. But as far as computer security is concerned it has always been a matter of concern to all the computer users across the world. In this article we have discussed about how to protect your computer against cyber threats in 2011 and enjoy safe and secure computing.

The year 2010 saw many cyber crimes. And the deadly Stuxnet worm is one of them that had shaken up the security system. The forthcoming year will also not be different. Cyber criminals are planning to employ new methods to target major platforms like Adroid, Apple software. These platforms are considered to be the safest as compared to the Windows platform. But in the coming year these are also going to be exposed to a security risk.

Well known cyber security solution provider McAfee has delineated the top threats for the year 2011. And the list and the list of major targets for cyber criminals include foursquare, Google TV, the Mac OS X platform, Google’s Android, Apple’s iPhone.

As Social media sites like Twitter and Facebook have created a whirlpool in the realm of “instant” form of communication the landscape of cyber threat is also expected to get a new dimension. According to the report of McAfee Labs, URL-shortening services will be on top of the list of cyber criminal activity. These sites will make the task much easier for cyber criminals to mask and direct the PC users to malicious websites.


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