Freelance SEO Writers: How to Increase Your Chances of Landing Gigs Quickly

 Freelance SEO Writers: How to Increase Your Chances of Landing Gigs Quickly


I became a freelance SEO writer in 2007, after being downsized out of my job. I tried to find another position after getting downsized, but after months of searching and  consultor seo freelance  no viable options materializing, I turned back to what I knew – freelance writing.

You see, I’ve freelanced since 1993 – full-time and part-time. Luckily, it’s a career I never totally let go of because when I discovered SEO writing, it literally opened up opportunities in the world of making money online that I’d never dreamed possible. But, I digress.

How I Landed Jobs Quickly When I First Started Out

Why did I decide to do that landed me jobs quickly – I’m literally talking within a few hours – as an SEO writer? I “niched it.” What do I mean? I mean I marketed myself as a niche content provider. Following are two reasons why.

(i) Easier to get work: In my experience, it’s easier to sell yourself as a specialist instead of a generalist. Research backs this assertion up across all kinds of careers, not just freelance writing. Proof? The post, Should you be a generalist or a specialist? on the Get Rich Slowly blog states:

As you specialize, fewer and fewer people are vying for fewer and fewer jobs – because not everyone, sometimes for valid reasons, wants to get the degree/get the experience/take the test/or whatever that will allow them to specialize.

On the other hand, by being a generalist, you may get many different types of jobs, but more people are vying for those positions. And according to the BLS chart, many general occupations are entry-level, requiring little to no education.

Because generalist positions can require little to no education, they’re more likely to pay less than specialist positions – another reason to specialize.

So what was my specialty? Real estate writing, particularly writing about mortgages.



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