Free Credit Report and Free Credit Score

 Free Credit Report and Free Credit Score


Every U.S consumer is entitled to get a copy of his or her free credit report from all the three major credit reporting agencies in the country; namely; Equifax, Experian slot free kredit  , and Trans Union once in a year under the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) enforced by the Federal Government.

The basic objective of such provisions for providing each consumer with a copy of credit reports is prevention of identity theft as well as regulating the actions of the lenders and credit reporting bureaus. The report serves another very important purpose as it keeps the consumer informed about his or her financial status.

Another objective of providing a copy of a report free of cost to consumers is that the consumer will know that the entries made in his or her record is correct and in case any mistake is detected the consumer will have the scope to challenge and get it rectified.

These reports and scores play an important part in shaping the financial life of a consumer since most financial agencies, and lenders will have a look at their report and credit score of the consumer concerned before approving any financial assistance. While people with good credit scores will find getting financial assistance easier, the reverse happens in case of those with bad credit scores. Getting a copy of credit sheet, therefore, a useful purpose for the consumer interests.

You can obtain a copy of your free report by logging onto and applying through the only federally approved credit reporting agency, Other agencies that claim to offer free credit scores do not actually give them freely as there are multiple associated costs and fees involved. That is why every other agency has to make the mandatory declaration in their ads or website that the consumers can get their copy of the report from the federally approved agency

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