Four Wheel Drive From Noosa to Rainbow Beach

Four Wheel Drive From Noosa to Rainbow Beach

Between notorious Noosa Heads and Rainbow Beach lies the southern part of the Great Sandy National Park, known as Cooloola National Park. The northern part of the recreation area is Fraser Island. The Cooloola National park is some 80km long and 30km wide. It contains wonderful sea shores and sand rises, immaculate teetree timberlands, and the perfect upper scopes of the Noosa stream including the Noosa everglades.


This area is well known with 4WD devotees, campers, angler and nature sweethearts. It is great for one-day excursions and expanded setting up camp outings. Taking a 4×4 among Noosa and Rainbow Beach through the Cooloola National Park is the main way you can genuinely see the value in this lovely region.


There are 3 different ways for you to get to the recreation area:

1) by ocean side

2) by unlocked street

3) via fixed street.

Each offers an alternate encounter of the recreation area.


The most famous method for investigating the recreation area is to drive along the ocean side from Noosa utilizing a 4WD vehicle. Take the ship Rainbow wall decalthe Noosa stream at Tewantin to Noosa north shore. You advance onto the ocean side at one of 3 cuttings. The north shore is known for its incredible fishing and for the range of types of transitory birds that visit every year. As you drive north along the ocean side you will initially come to Teewah town. You can go for a stroll inland to Teewah point on Lake Cootharaba. As you move further north you will come to high sand rises and where you can get to the Cooloola sand quickly pass up strolling track. The ocean side setting up camp zone starts only north of the sand blow. Proceeding with the ocean side, Kings Bore Rd exits onto the ocean side (no access) and Little Freshwater stream denotes the finish of the ocean side setting up camp zone. The Freshwater track is the main way inland and around to Rainbow Beach. Before you take that track you can proceed with the ocean side to Double Island Point. This is an exceptionally famous region for jumpers, angler and surfers. Head back and take Freshwater track inland, past inland setting up camp grounds and Poona Lake. You will raise a ruckus around town Beach Rd, at which you transform right and have a short crash into Rainbow Beach.


Driving circumstances differ with climate and tides. You must just drive near the ocean a limit of 2 and a half hours either side of low tide. Around the ocean typical Australian street rules apply. Keep to one side and as far as possible is 80kmh. It is energetically suggested you lessen your tire tension for driving on the sand. Recollect once you are off the sand to re-expand your tires and wash the sand from under your 4WD vehicle.


The second way from Noosa to Rainbow Beach is to take the Cooloola Way around the western edge of the recreation area. This is available by 4WD and normal vehicles gave there has not been a lot of downpour. From Noosa take the Noosa-Cooroy Rd to Cooroy. Turn right and go to Pomona and afterward on to Kin. Progress forward with the Kin-Gympie Rd for around 8km and afterward take a right onto the Cooloola Way. This is an unlocked street. A further 10km will carry you to the mood killer to Harry’s Hut. This is the main street admittance to the upper spans of the Noosa waterway and Noosa Everglades. The street to Harry’s Hut is somewhat unpleasant and is suggested for 4WDs as it were. There are enjoying nature grounds and excursion offices at Harry’s hovel. This is likewise the doorway to numerous other segregated setting up camp regions along the waterway which are just open exclusively by strolling track and kayak. Setting up camp licenses are expected to camp along the Noosa waterway. Proceeding with the Cooloola way will take you through various kinds of eucalypt, banksia and teetree woodlands, and you will ultimately cross the extremely upper compasses of the waterway. Your drive proceeds with north to Rainbow Beach Rd, at which you turn right, and you have a couple of moment crash into Rainbow Beach. The Cooloola Way is a piece unpleasant for typical vehicles, yet fine for 4WDs. It is suggested you stay beneath the 80km/h speed limit. A few segments of the Cooloola Way hush up harsh and you should drive at a speed that is proper to the street and weather patterns.


The third and quickest was to get to Rainbow Beach from Noosa is via fixed street. This is the principal access street and is much of the time the return course for occasion creators. Take the Noosa-Cooroy Rd to Cooroy and afterward the Bruce Highway to Gympie. On the southern edges of Gympie take a right turn following the signs to Rainbow Beach. This takes you through the eastern piece of Gympie to the Rainbow Beach Rd. Take a right hand turn onto Rainbow Beach Rd and you have a brief drive on great fixed street to Rainbow Beach. You will drive along the northern line of the Cooloola National Park and see a blend of eucalypt and banksia woodland and low heathlands. Prior to arriving at Rainbow Beach you can switch off onto Freshwater track and accept it to the extent that Poona Lake. This segment of street is fine for standard vehicles, yet all the same no further. Poona lake is an only from time to time visited roosted lake. Permit the most awesome aspect of an hour to stroll from the vehicle park to the lake, which is really great for a dip.


Rainbow Beach is a calm occasion town, offering a scope of convenience and eating choices. It is the southern passage to Inskip Point and lovely Fraser Island. The popular Colored Sands can be seen from Rainbow Beach. At present there is lacking sand to drive along the ocean side from Rainbow Beach to the Colored Sands. On the off chance that you need a nearby look, you want to go by boat. Nonetheless, there is another little sand blow in the slopes close to Rainbow Beach that is effectively open.


To investigate the Cooloola National park among Noosa and Rainbow Beach you can take your own 4WD or you can enlist a 4×4 from a 4WD recruit business. You should find an organization that rents 4WDs explicitly for ocean side use, which ordinary vehicle recruit organizations don’t permit. You can get a guide of the area and access setting up camp licenses from the Queensland Government.


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