Filing for Social Security Benefits As a Veteran

 Filing for Social Security Benefits As a Veteran


Filing for disability benefits with the Social Security Administration is a rather complicated process. Qualifying for benefits might require rounds of appeals and a hearing  with an administrative judge. Also, Social Security disability benefits are awarded either in their entirety, or not at all. This is different from the Veterans’ Affairs disability benefits that veterans are used to, which award disabled vets based on a percentage of how much they are determined to be disabled.

General Procedures

For a veteran to apply for social security disability benefits, he or she must:

Make sure the VA medical center handling their paperwork submits the medical records to the appropriate Social Security Administration officer. In fact, some vets have had to personally get copies of their records and provide them to the SSA office.

File the initial claim. The SSA representative, with the input of a physician, will make a decision on the application. Unfortunately, about sixty eight percent of the initial claims are denied.

The applicant can then either file a new claim if he or she feels there was a mistake made, or he or she may file for an appeal, called a request for reconsideration.

Following the same procedure, the request for reconsideration is examined. Unfortunately,



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