Don’t Declaw Your Cat, Buy Her A Cat Scratcher

 Don’t Declaw Your Cat, Buy Her A Cat Scratcher


There is so much controversy about declawing cats. Does it hurt them? Is it humane? How will your indoor cat that has been declawed protect himself if he accidentally gets outside? Emotions run high on both sides. But do  you know there is an alternative to declawing? A cat scratcher or two positioned around your house can save the day.

Most people get their cats declawed to protect themselves and their furniture and other belongings from their cat’s natural urge to scratch. Cats scratch for a variety of reasons. To sharpen their claws. To mark their territory. To communicate that this area belongs to them. Whatever the reason she scratches, you can redirect her activity with a cat scratcher, avoid declawing and save your furniture all at the same time.

It is important to start using the cat scratcher sooner rather than later. Training at the kitten stage is of course the most desirable time to start but if you’ve missed that window, don’t despair. You can get your kitten or cat using a scratcher in three easy steps:

  1. Position the scratcher in a place your cat has scratched in the past or would be likely to scratch. For example, near their cat bed or a place they like to sleep. My cat started to scratch the curtains in my office (she likes to hang out with me there) so I placed a scratching post in the area.



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